Strawberry-Mint Cucumber Avocado Salad

As my recent posts confirm, I have eaten way too many desserts lately. I mean, it is bathing suit season, I should probably skip the extra slice of cake :). Lucky for me, when it gets hot outside, I definitely crave salads and fresh fruit. So yesterday when trying to decide what to have for … Continue reading

Mint-Lamb Meatballs!

I recently discovered that I love lamb. Now, when it is on the menu anywhere, I have to get it—especially lamb chops. The other day I was at supermarket and saw that they had ground lamb and decided to make mint-lamb meatballs. Super easy to make and perfect for a quick meal. My meat-loving husband … Continue reading

Cooling Drink…Mango-Mint Smoothie!

While in NY, I tend to pop into Juice Generation or Juice Press for a smoothie almost every day. It is the perfect snack and even though it has been absolutely freezing out, it definitely hits the spot. I have tried to replicate some of the smoothies at home in Texas and sometimes in NY, … Continue reading