Funfetti Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

I realize as I write this post that I have posted a lot of dessert recipes lately, but I could not resist with this one. When I started planning for Emmi’s first birthday party, I knew that I wanted to make everything myself-decorations and food.  So, when I decided to make the cake, I thought … Continue reading

Savoring Summer… Strawberry Cake

Last week my sister made this awesome Strawberry Cake from Smitten Kitchen—it was soo good! I mean good enough that we kept on eating more and more until there was barely anything left. Unfortunately, the next day I paid for it dearly. I am breastfeeding my daughter so whatever I eat goes directly to her. … Continue reading

Taste of Texas… Migas!

As I mentioned before, my favorite city in Texas is Austin. Good Food=Good place to visit! Austin is known for its Tex-Mex breakfast cuisine, Migas, which is essentially a skillet dish made with scrambled eggs, onions, peppers, jalapeño, strips of corn tortillas and Mexican cheese. Typically it is served with beans and salsa but it … Continue reading

Indulgent But Healthy…Paleo Pancakes!

All the foods that I make for the blog are relatively healthy in the sense that none of it is boxed or processed. However, there are recipes that I post that call for sugar and that is, of course, not healthy to eat daily. However, in moderation, it is okay. When I found this recipe … Continue reading

A Family Affair… Chocolate Souffle

Recently, My aunt and uncle came to visit from Israel with my 15-year old cousin. Since Tal travels so much, I was happy to have my cousin, Romy, keep me company at my apartment. A couple of times, I enlisted her as my sous-chef and kept her occupied chopping and helping me take my pictures … Continue reading

Rushed Mornings… Mini Egg Frittatas!

Our arrival back in NY was timed perfectly–someone at my former school was leaving on maternity leave so I was able to take her place for the remainder of the school year. Last week was my first full week back at work teaching first grade. It feels good to be back in the classroom! Being … Continue reading

Breakfast of Champions…Spinach-Egg Toast!

Whenever we go out for brunch, Tal’s favorite meals are spinach or salmon eggs Benedict. If I decide on the same dish, I typically order it without the hollandaise sauce-it is just too heavy for my taste. We have yet to find someplace for brunch in Lubbock, so I decided to bring the brunch to … Continue reading