Crispy Beet Chips!

I got the idea to make these while scrolling through my food-filled instagram account and saw a bunch of beet inspired dishes. While grocery shopping I saw red and golden beets and had to buy them. I was making burgers for dinner and instead of going for my go-to side of baked sweet potato fries, … Continue reading

Perfect For Entertaining…Seven-Layer Dip

My friend Shari (who could technically be called my sister-in-law– my brother is married to her sister) is my biggest blog supporter. From the day I started the blog, she always reposts my links on her Facebook account, comments on my Instagram pictures and texts me to tell me how much she likes the recipes … Continue reading

Better than Ranch… Green Goddess Dip!

 All week I have been experimenting with new recipes. The great thing about writing a blog is that I owe it to my readers to be creative and try out new things. The bad thing is sometimes I fail- Horribly! Luckily, you guys do not have to witness or taste my failed attempts but as … Continue reading