Brussel Sprouts Spaghetti!

Schools out for the summer! The last few weeks have been so busy, that I barely had time to cook. This week, with some more time on my hands, I took the opportunity to focus on testing out many new recipes. My friend sent me this recipe and I could not wait to try it. … Continue reading

Farm Fresh… Spring Vegetable Pasta Salad!

Tal and I recently were in Israel. We had a wonderful time with family and friends and, as always, ate lots of yummy foods. On our last night there, we ate dinner at a friend’s house. She made delicious quiches and an incredible pasta salad. I used it as inspiration for this Spring Vegetable Pasta … Continue reading

A Healthier Indulgence…Baked Ziti!

Baked Ziti is one of my favorite pasta dishes but I do not make it very often because as many of you know, I try to cut back on my carb intake.  Once in a while, I cannot resist and what is better than pasta mixed with melted mozzarella and ricotta?? Last week, we invited … Continue reading