Mint-Lamb Meatballs!

I recently discovered that I love lamb. Now, when it is on the menu anywhere, I have to get it—especially lamb chops. The other day I was at supermarket and saw that they had ground lamb and decided to make mint-lamb meatballs. Super easy to make and perfect for a quick meal. My meat-loving husband … Continue reading

Israeli Vegetable Salad

This salad is one that I have grown up eating. It started my love for vegetables young because I don’t think we ever had a meal without a variation of this salad. It is so simple and easy that I was hesitant to put it on the blog but I noticed that every time I … Continue reading

Not Missing The Pasta…Zucchini Lasagna!

Since my sister and I live in the same building, we started a rotation with our cooking. Typically, I make dinner 2-3 times a week and my sister does the same. We split it according to our schedules so whoever is busier on a certain day knows that she does not have to worry about … Continue reading

Dreaming of Summer…Watermelon-Tomato Feta Salad

 A couple of weeks ago, we met our friends in Lubbock for another themed dinner (dinner club). The theme was “Mediterranean-influenced”. We were in charge of bringing an appetizer and there were so many things that I contemplated making—tons of recipes fall under the Mediterranean appetizer category. After noticing some baby watermelons at the supermarket … Continue reading

Comfort Food At its Best… Fresh Tomato Soup!

One of my favorite things in Lubbock is the supermarket: wide aisles, large selections, and a huge array of fruits and vegetables. Compared to the tiny narrow aisles in NYC supermarkets—it really is a dream. They have a pretty decent selection of organic foods and a huge assortment of locally farmed fruits and veggies, which … Continue reading

Better than Ranch… Green Goddess Dip!

 All week I have been experimenting with new recipes. The great thing about writing a blog is that I owe it to my readers to be creative and try out new things. The bad thing is sometimes I fail- Horribly! Luckily, you guys do not have to witness or taste my failed attempts but as … Continue reading