Oven Baked Dijon Chicken

Earlier in the week I posted my recipe for blue cheese potatoes. This chicken is the perfect pairing for the potatoes. It is also incredibly easy to make. This is a dinner that takes about 10 minutes to prep (Max!!). So for all those new moms who have asked me for family friendly recipes and … Continue reading

A Culinary Tour…Sticky Sesame Chicken Wings!

A few years ago, my sister, Shelly, and one of my best friends, Tracy, organized a NYC food tour. They perused NY Magazine and Time Out NY magazines to learn about the best dishes around the city and we spent all day traveling from place to place having a couple bites of each dish before heading … Continue reading

Happy Passover… Matzo Ball Soup!

For those of you celebrating Passover, I hope you all had a great Passover Seder last night, filled with delicious foods. For those of you who do not celebrate, Passover is a holiday celebrated to commemorate the Jewish people’s deliverance by God from slavery in Egypt. Celebrated for 7 days in Israel and 8 days … Continue reading

Taste of Southeast Asia…Thai Chicken Stir-fry!

My sister and I traveled to Thailand 8 years ago for 3 weeks. We stayed at hostels and bounced around the country meeting other backpackers and enjoying the beautiful beaches and fascinating culture. The food was incredible and we had every type of noodle, vegetable, and rice dish possible and I remember overloading on vegetable … Continue reading

Childhood Favorite… Moroccan Couscous!

In keeping with the childhood favorites theme for dinner club, I decided to make Tal’s childhood favorite, which also happens to be something I grew up eating. Tal grew up in Israel, where depending on where your family originated, the food you ate could be very different from your neighbors. For example, my extended family … Continue reading