Strawberry-Mint Cucumber Avocado Salad

As my recent posts confirm, I have eaten way too many desserts lately. I mean, it is bathing suit season, I should probably skip the extra slice of cake :). Lucky for me, when it gets hot outside, I definitely crave salads and fresh fruit. So yesterday when trying to decide what to have for … Continue reading

Crispy Beet Chips!

I got the idea to make these while scrolling through my food-filled instagram account and saw a bunch of beet inspired dishes. While grocery shopping I saw red and golden beets and had to buy them. I was making burgers for dinner and instead of going for my go-to side of baked sweet potato fries, … Continue reading

Taste of Staten Island… Baked Rice Balls

My family moved around a lot when I was younger but we eventually settled in Staten Island, where I made some great friends with whom I still stay in touch. After recently hanging out with all my high school friends, we decided that we wanted to do our own dinner club like the one I … Continue reading

A Culinary Tour…Sticky Sesame Chicken Wings!

A few years ago, my sister, Shelly, and one of my best friends, Tracy, organized a NYC food tour. They perused NY Magazine and Time Out NY magazines to learn about the best dishes around the city and we spent all day traveling from place to place having a couple bites of each dish before heading … Continue reading

Cheesy Deliciousness… Baked Brie

I hosted some former coworkers at our new place recently for some light bites and drinks. When planning my menu, I wanted to choose foods that were easy to make and did not take lots of time to prepare, since I was spending much of my time decorating and unpacking our new home! I decided … Continue reading