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Hi, My name is Donna and I am a new mom living in NYC. This blog has evolved from a hobby that was born out of boredom when living in a strange new town and attempting to stay healthy in a place with very limited food options. Now, we are back in the city that I love (with endless food options). Juggling motherhood and work responsibilities is not easy but I am trying to continue doing what I love and I love cooking –so here I am sharing the healthy (and quick) recipes that I find. Most of these recipes are great for the entire family–including babies! My daughter is one of my best taste-tester’s and I am hoping that experimenting with all these recipes will help her become a healthy eater for life.

More below on how I first got started…

(Below is a post from August 2013)

I am a New Yorker. In Texas. Lubbock, Texas– home to Texas Tech University and hundreds upon hundreds of fast food restaurants. And that’s it.

Me? Write a blog? Never… Well, here I am writing a blog– why? For a number of reasons:

1. I have more time.
2. I need a hobby.
3. I like cooking and am determined to become better at it.
4. I need healthy eating options (more on this below).
5. I want to expose my friends and family to my fabulous writing abilities (feel free to laugh at this)!

As luck would have it, I find myself in Lubbock, Texas, a place that I never knew existed up until a year and a half ago (I apologize to any Texans who may end up reading this). Anyway, my husband’s job brought us here and it is completely different than NYC. Picture cotton fields, flat land, strip mall after strip mall after… You get the point. Oh, and lots of dust!

My days in NY usually consisted of waking up at 5 am to workout, then teach all day, followed by several tutoring sessions and finally either meeting up with friends or bed.

My days in Lubbock have left me with A LOT more free time- yoga at 9:30 am??? I am truly becoming a lady of leisure. With that, comes my own personal boredom and ambition! I need a project!

This idea came to fruition during my quest for healthy eating before my wedding and realizing that so much of the food in the US is complete junk and filled with poisonous crap, coupled with the realization that Lubbock is a fast food and drive thru haven (No Michelin Starred restaurants here)! As I began paying more attention to what I eat, I realized that cooking takes a lot of time and what better place to explore my cooking abilities than a place with almost no healthy food options, where I had all the time in the world! In a way to stay connected to all my friends and family, and because we always swap recipes and cooking advice, I figured I would write about it. Hence, Newlyfed! Since my husband will be reaping all the benefits of my cooking, I found this blog aptly named (He could not be happier being the taste tester!)

So before I officially write about food I need to explain a number of things:

1. I will attempt to make most of my recipes from the freshest cleanest ingredients- no preservatives or chemicals I cannot pronounce.

2. Most of the things I will cook will be healthy, however, I am sure a dessert or snack will find its way on here once in a while.

3. I am not a professional chef (or writer!)   and this project may be a complete failure but I can promise to post only the recipes I find most successful and delicious.


photo(4)Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 9.17.02 PMphoto(5)

12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, Donna. My niece Shanda recommended you and I look forward to reading your blog. I was born in Lubbock. We rarely ate out, my mom cooked beef every day. We got our veggies from the outlying farms, and our fruit right off our trees in the yard. Hope you end up loving it there. Alas, I’m now in New Mexico. I too try to eat healthfully, and find that it’s impossible to get all the good ingredients you need. I’d like to share a great source for you. You’ll find lots of good organic ingredients at iHerb. Your nibs included. Please check out my Iherb page http://iherb.com/mypage/DeanaS
    You’ll find some reviews I’ve written, and a coupon to save $$. Free shipping, too!

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